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Burning to go on your next trip?

Let's make it exceptional.

Personalized travel itineraries to get you onto the roads less traveled.

Sights, sounds, flavors. 

In difficult to find locales​.

With connections to nature & cultural gems.

Setting you on the path to the extraordinary.

New Mexico, USA

How it Works



Set up a personal consultation to discuss your desired trip & destination. We'll take note of your ambitions, preferences, and curiosities.



We'll put pen to paper and outline your aspirations into logistics. With contacts on 6 continents, we'll coordinate with local experts to personalize your experience.



Through both an app & in print we'll send you your travel itinerary. You confirm. It gets booked. It's time to pack.


It is time for you adventure. Do not look back, and let us know how it goes!


Arizona, USA


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Our Speciality


The Outdoors

Whether hiking the Pacific North West, or mountain biking in New Zealand, we're here to make your outdoor impulses happen. Need help planning your backpacking trip through Utah? Got it. Want to go trekking in Indonesia? No issue. We're here to organize trips through the most stunning lands earth has to offer.


Far-Flung Destinations

There is no such place as too far.  If you are uncertain of the logistics to reach the location of your dreams, we are here to help. We are excited to translate hard-to-reach locales into your experience. With familiarity traveling in the most remote stretches of the globe, we're here to carve new paths made personally for you.



We're passionate about exploring the world through tastebuds. With a background in food journalism, we have connections to the most exciting chefs, bartenders & baristas in numerous destinations. We believe that food & drink are a moving entry point into a culture. So let's connect you to the standouts. 

Example Voyages

Our background translates to your experience. 

These samples showcase areas we're intimately familiar with.

We've journeyed down these roads.

Accumulating personal connections & awe-inspiring sensations.

A savvy we want to share, tailored for your aims.

Pamir Highway


Reaching a lofty 4,650 meters (15,270 feet) in elevation, the mostly unpaved Pamir highway traces through some of the world’s most remote alpine settlements. For centuries, travelers have been allured by the barren peaks and an opportunity to glimpse at life at the ‘Roof of the World’.

Voyage there yourself. Combine high alpine trekking with welcoming village life. Stay in comfortable guest-houses, finishing long days at head-dizzying altitudes with hearty meals, and plenty of butter tea.

Osoam Community Center


For a taste of Cambodian village life at its most authentic, travel deep into the jungle of the Cardamom mountains. The famed Mr.Nin will welcome you to his comfortable eco-tourist retreat. Trek to swift-flowing waterfalls, and sample local cuisine prepared straight from the garden. Get your hands dirty through local community initiatives. Onwards, depart to snorkeling amidst bioluminescence on Koh Rong, or attending a cooking class in provincial Battambang.


Great Barrier Island


Named Aotea, or ‘White Cloud’, by the Maori, this dreamy island floats along at the edge of Auckland Bay.

Its natural beauty is the immediate draw. Hiking tracks weave through isolated sandy beaches, volcanic rock spires, and natural hot springs. The development is minimal; only 1,000 people live self reliantly on its land.

The vegetation is lush, and the night sky is one of the clearest in the world. Stay at quaint cottages powered by solar panels. Collect dinner from the garden & the ocean. Intermingle with locals at the social clubs, discovering the warm embrace of life at the edge of the world.


American Southwest


The mountains intersect the desert amidst jar-dropping expanses. The American Southwest is one of the ultimate outdoor playgrounds. Whether through a classic American road trip, backpacking, or even bikepacking, organize a journey to immerse into the region's unique nature & culture.

Shop for arts & crafts in historic Santa Fe, then make your way to America's tallest sand dunes.

Discover cliff dwellings of prior civilizations, mountain bike through pine forests, and relax in remote hot springs.

Some of America's most memorable experiences lie outdoors, and we want to bring you to the best of them.

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